Benefits of Flexible Working

Posted: 17 April 2023

Flexible working has a whole host of benefits – it allows employees to choose where they work from, create a work schedule that suits them, and schedule their work day however they want, leading to much happier employees! But, the benefits of flexible working go beyond this; employees that allow their staff the freedom to work a flexible schedule makes for a more profitable, greener and more desirable company to work for. At Smithfield Works, our modern and versatile workspaces facilitate flexible working, allowing you to work from different areas within the building, meanwhile utilising the space’s many features.


Increased employee wellbeing and productivity

Having the choice to work remotely is beneficial for both employees and employers, as it can contribute to a better work-life balance due to employees not having to commute to work, and improving overall employee wellbeing – and ultimately, productivity. Not to mention helping the environment by avoiding the daily drive to work! By allowing flexible hours, employers can introduce more agile working in the form of staggered hours and alternative shift patterns to become more ‘available’ to customers, even outside of working hours, improving productivity in the long run.


Improved collaboration

With Smithfield Works’ shared office space, hot desking facilities, private workspaces and communal breakout spaces, tenants can flexibly work in a way that suits the individual needs of their business. This also enables them to collaborate more freely, without the restrictions of being confined to a single desk. When collaboration increases due to the ability to work flexibly, then a much more dynamic and productive work culture can be fostered, helping your business to reach its objectives more readily.


Improves retention and talent acquisition

The benefits of flexible working, allowing employees more freedom to work when they want, where they want, increases staff retention and improves talent acquisition. With a flexible schedule, your existing employees are far more likely to remain at your company, and increases the likelihood that employees are loyal to their employer. Not only this, but given that many job seekers are often in search of a job with perks and bonuses, flexible working certainly comes into play here. Businesses that offer flexible schedules to their employees are simply much more desirable, meaning you have a higher chance of acquiring the best of the best in your field, and reducing your turnover rate.


Flexible work schedules benefit both employee and employer in so many ways, so why not embrace this new way of working? In a post-Covid world, remote working is arguably now the new norm, helping to boost productivity, collaboration, retention and talent acquisition. Smithfield Works is the ideal space to facilitate flexible working, bringing your company a whole host of benefits! What’s not to love?


If you’re interested in exploring flexible working solutions for your business, please get in touch with our team today.