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We have three main types of flexible & inspiring spaces for you to choose from

Private Suites

When it comes to your business’ workspace, we know you don’t want to compromise. After all, a quality working environment is one of the top 5 reasons why people choose an employer. Smithfield Works’ Suites range from 5 to 14, and with a whole variety of suites to choose from, you can find the one that’s tailored to you.

“Imagine a world where people say, I can’t wait to get to work”

It also helps to know that, if you need to grow, there’ll be space in the building you love to accommodate your success.  You’ll also benefit from the culture and creativity of other businesses in the same building. With a vibrant, eclectic community, in a gigabit city, you’ll have innovation and disruption at when you need it, and a door to close when you don’t.

Come and talk to us about your office plans and we’re sure you’ll want to be part of our community.

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Residents Desks

We’ve heard loads of stories about businesses that have been “launched from the kitchen table”. All we can say is that their kitchen tables must have been a lot bigger (and a lot tidier) than ours. That’s why we offer small but perfect residential desks (that are all yours).

“No man is an island, but sometimes he could use one”

Whether you’re bravely launching a start-up or heroically running a one-man-band, you can relax knowing that you have a dedicated workspace. know one is going to ask you to clear the table for dinner in the middle of that important pitch. But, you will be surrounded by plenty of like minded people who can offer moral support, independent advice and maybe the odd cup of tea.

So, get in touch and find out how a residential desk could help you. We’re sure we’ve got some neighbours who would love to meet you. 

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Hot Desks

There are always days when a coffeeshop or kitchen table won’t do. You might need a place to focus, a place to feel inspired or just a change of scenery.

“Take the leap without taking the risk”

Hot-desks are booked by the day or we have a monthly membership available, so you can pop-in whenever you need and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant and professional office. We can’t promise you’ll want to go back to that coffee shop.

For more information, sign up for updates below and we’ll be in touch. 

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We also have ...

Meeting Rooms

Meetings rooms are available to all Smithfield Works members. We wanted to create a space where creative businesses could thrive. Having an impressive place to pitch is key to that success.

“Sometimes you need meeting room that’s as good as your idea”

Whether you need to discuss the details of your latest idea; or you’re looking to impress a potential investor, our meeting spaces are professional spaces, set-up with the latest tech but they won’t break the budget.

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