House Rules

Community Manager

Our Community Manager is here to help from 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and covers all 3 spaces that make up Smithfield Works. If you can’t find them in the space you are working in, you can reach the Community Manager on 07513718089, or via the app.

Meeting rooms

We have three meeting rooms and one boardroom that you can book online or via the Smithfield Works App, please note they do need to be booked so they are accessible for everyone.

Events at Smithfield Works

You can find upcoming events displayed on the digital screens by the entrance doors.  If you are interested in hosting a talk, workshop or networking event amongst our members, please let us know.

If you are hosting an event at Smithfield, please ensure you leave the space ready for our members to work from the next day. This includes; removing any rubbish, cleaning and tidying the kitchen (if used), returning furniture to its original locations if you are able.

Smithfield Works is an excellent event venue, but it is first and foremost a workspace. We thank you in advance for being respectful to all our paying members.

Shared spaces

Smithfield Works has a number of shared spaces, including communal kitchens, zoom booths and phone booths which you’re welcome to use at any time. These areas are checked throughout the day, but if you do find anywhere that’s not up to scratch, please report it on the app straight away. Help yourself to tea, coffee, sugar, and milk for drinks (but not for cereal), and help us keep the space tidy by popping crockery in the dishwasher after use.


Lockers can be found in the communal areas and are for everyone to use. If you have lost your key please report this via the app, there will be a £20 charge to them change the lock. Please note that anything is left at your own risk.

Out of hours access

Outside of our community manager’s hours, Gold and Private Suite Members can access the building by using your access app at the main doors. Please don’t allow anyone to tailgate you into the building – genuine customers will be able to let themselves in with their own access pass. This is essential for building security.

Out of hours access is granted to members after a ‘getting to know you’ period, at the discretion of the Smithfield Works team. If you are not a Gold or Private Suite member but require out of hours access, please get in touch to discuss.

The doors are locked at 7pm and unlocked at 7am, if you do require this to be later, please get in touch to discuss.

If there’s an emergency when our team isn’t around, please call 07568 430 838 or 07568 431 519, quoting ‘Smithfield Works’. It’s recommended that all customers add it to their phones. This goes through to our Business Monitoring Station and they will take the necessary action to solve any problems that come up.


Either our local postie or a member of our team will deliver all mail to your suite each day.


Our main address is-

Smithfield Works


Lower Ground Floor Entrance

Broad Street, Hanley



When ordering items to be delivered, please be sure to state your company name and building on the delivery details as well as your name.



Our cleaners will visit your suite each day (Monday-Friday) to do a basic clean and empty the bin. It’s worth noting that workstations need to be relatively clear for our cleaners to make them look their best. If the cleaning ever isn’t up to the standard you expect, please let us know straight away via the app.

Bins & Recycling

If you have a lot of cardboard or plastic waste to dispose of, please let us know via the app rather than filling the bins in the kitchen. Our community manager will be happy to help you with this.

We avoid single use sachets of coffee and sugar to reduce waste. If you have any suggestions on how we can reduce waste at Smithfield Works, please let us know!


We understand how important building security is, so our CCTV is in operation at the main entrance and fire exits 24/7. Please lock all valuables out of sight when not in the office or take them home with you. For added security, please ask all visitors and couriers to report to the Community Manager when they arrive, and we’ll give them a warm Smithfield Works welcome before directing them to your suite.

Fire information

During the test, you don’t need to evacuate. If we are doing a fire evacuation drill you will be informed a month prior, this will be done every 6 months. If the alarm sounds at any other time, or for longer than 20 seconds, leave the building calmly and head to our fire meeting point – shared space in the centre of the Smithfield site. Your company fire marshal will need to account for everyone in your office and report to our Smithfield Works fire marshal confirming that everyone is out of the building. If anyone from your office is missing, let us know straight away and we’ll work with the fire brigade to carry out a search of the building. If you discover a fire and the alarm hasn’t activated yet (though this is extremely unlikely), raise the alarm using the nearest call point and leave the building. Please don’t attempt to tackle the fire!

And we kindly ask you to follow our House Rules (as per the T&Cs)

Smithfield Works House Rules

  • When you walk out the door make sure the space is the same condition (or better) when you walked in the door (meeting rooms, kitchen, toilets).
  • Your stuff is your responsibility.
  • It’s your job to make sure that you do not leave anything at Smithfield Works that is of value to you or somebody else.
  • Don’t leave out of date food in the fridge – out of date food will be disposed of every Friday.
  • Use your own stuff not your neighbour’s – if you need anything ask the Community Manager.
  • If you any issues, lights not working or WIFI has gone down – log it via the contact page of the website or the app.
  • We want everybody to feel part of the community but please respect your neighbour’s/co-worker’s privacy.
  • Help us keep Smithfield Works secure for you and other members – report anything suspicious to the Community Manager.
  • Practice kindness – we have a zero tolerance on any form of harassment – we want all members to feel welcome and included.
  • No smoking or e-cigarettes inside Smithfield Works or around the Smithfield Development.
  • Think before you click – no illegal or immoral internet activity.
  • If you are thinking of holding an event at Smithfield Works, all ideas and the finer details must be approved by the Community Manager.