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Smithfield Works is an innovative co-working space with a large local community.  We want to work with neighbouring businesses to make and maintain a creative community that will be a benefit to everyone. One we we do this is by introducing our community members to nearby business through offers & giveaways.  Basically, you tell us about your business and we’ll introduce you to new customers.

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Benefits of Being a Neighbour

Sign up to become a neighbour and we’ll give you a dedicated area of the app and website to tell our community members about your business. Did we mention it’s completely free? It’s just the neighbourly thing to do.

It's free
It costs nothing to promote your business on our app, website and social
Full control
You have a private area where you'll control your profile & offers
Awesome advertising
We'll share updates & offers with thousands of followers
No hidden costs
It's all done through our app, so no need to buy extra hardware


You can but you’ll need two accounts. This is because Members and Neighbours can do different things in the app and we don’t want people to get confused. We recommend using your personal email for Community Membership and your business email to become a neighbour.  If you’re having difficulty, speak to our Place Manager and they can help you out.

We’re creating places with a commitment to making and maintaining a successful and sustainable community. We’re a business, just like you, so we want to make money, but we’ll do that by offering great co-working space and convenient services. Having good neighbours that are part of the community makes our places better than the rest so it’s good for us. It’s good for you, because you get more customers; and it’s good for our members because they get great offers & giveaways. It really is win-win.

The purpose of the neighbourhood offers is to raise awareness of your business while making the lives of community members a little bit easier. With this in mind, we try to discourage neighbours from posting offers like “Spend £1,000 on coffee and get £1 off”. It raises unawareness, but isn’t really helpful.

But, we also don’t expect you to ‘give the farm away’. So offers like “a free three-course meal with every coffee” is also a bad idea. Whilst we want our community members to be happy, that shouldn’t be at the expense of our neighbours.

The best thing to do is first speak to your customers. Find out about their day and what sort of things would make life easier. For example; do they hate long, boring, meetings? If so, why not offer a Meeting Improvement Pack; six coffees, six cold drinks, six pastries and a party popper. Make it a convenient price, say £60 and you’ve got a great offer. Soon everyone will want your your MIPs

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We’d love to work with like-minded neighbours to introduce new services and new experiences to our community members. You can sign up straight away, or if you have questions get in touch (or pop round). See you soon.

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