Boost Your Health and Happiness: Why You Should Cycle to Work

Posted: 12 June 2023

As the summer months are fast approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to dust off your bikes and cycle to work. There are countless reasons to embrace cycling as your mode of transportation, which we’re breaking down below. We’ve put together a definitive list of reasons why cycling to work if not only good for your health but will also give you a spring in your step and help you play your part in creating a safer, healthier environment.


Get Fit and Healthy


Cycling to work is not only highly beneficial for physical well-being, but it also provides many advantages that contribute to overall health. According to Cycling Weekly, biking to work actively strengthens the immune system in many ways. It is a form of exercise recommended by the NHS as a healthy way to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Interestingly, cycling burns a comparable number of calories to jogging, with lessened stress on the joints. By choosing to cycle to work, individuals can experience these health benefits and enjoy an active lifestyle!


Improve Mental Well-being


There are many physical advantages to choosing cycling for your commute to work, but it can also have a positive influence on your mental health. Reconnecting with nature can have an excellent effect on your wellbeing – you can receive a bigger dose of Vitamin D even if it’s cloudy! The increase of physical exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural mood boosters, leading to reduced stress levels.


Social Interaction


Cycling can be a social activity, which is great to start with colleagues. Think of it like a new goal to achieve, and undertaking this with a colleague means you can stick to the routine together. You can provide support and companionship for one another, which makes the commute more fun!


Environmentally Friendly


There are many environmental benefits to cycling to work, as you are significantly lowering your carbon footprint. By choosing to cycle, you are producing lower air pollution, as vehicles emit pollutants which are harmful to human health and environment. Additionally, when travelling by bike for your commute, you are freeing up road space for other vehicles, leading to smoother traffic flow and improving fuel efficiency on the road. Essentially, opting to cycle means you are actively contributing to a more sustainable future.




Smithfield Works ensures that those who choose cycling are easily accommodated for, with no extra hassle. We offer protected bicycle storage, helping you save time in traffic and eliminate the trouble of finding a parking spot. Moreover, we provide shower facilities and a dry room, ensuring you feel revitalised for your workday!

Cycling to work is a steadfast way to improve your physical and mental health, whilst also contributing to lowering carbon emissions. For more information on how Smithfield actively supports workplace cyclists, get in touch with a member of the team.