Round Up Tips: Goal Setting For 2023

Posted: 10 January 2023

Now that 2023 has officially kicked off, you may have a few goals in mind that you would like to achieve by the end of the year – whether that’s getting in a daily work-out, reading that book you never finished, or getting that promotion at work.

Everyone has goals and ambitions, but it’s the people that really put the work into setting them in motion that reach success. Mapping out your goals and planning how you’ll get there is a fantastic way to get the ball rolling and make your dreams a reality, helping you to consider where you’re at, what you want, and how to get there.

Here’s a few of Smithfield’s tips on how to set your goals for 2023 and start the year with purpose:


  1. Be Specific

While it’s often great to look at the big-picture, it’s important to be specific about what you’re setting out to achieve, allowing you to stay focussed and on-track. Putting pen to paper and writing down the specifics in as much detail as possible also makes your goals MUCH more tangible, helping you to remember them and keeping them at the forefront of your mind.


  1. Make sure your goals are achievable

It’s great to dream big and set your sights high, but, if your ultimate goal is to run for US President in 2023 – it’s probably not going to happen any time soon. So, think honestly and critically about what you think is achievable this year. Do you have the skills and resources to achieve your goals? Or will you have to size-down for the time being? Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and even if you’re goals aren’t realistic for 2023, they may be much more achievable next year.


  1. Set Deadlines

Making your goals time-bound means you have a finish line in sight, giving you something to look forward to when you finally achieve success. When you don’t set time-frames, it’s easy to lose focus and motivation, while having a due-date helps you stay disciplined and gives you accountability – which increases the chances of you achieving your goal in the long-run!


  1. Look back on your progress along the way

Not only is it great to set deadlines for your goals, but it’s also incredibly useful to track any progress, which helps to motivate you along the way. Evaluating what you have achieved so far on your journey towards your ultimate goal – weekly or monthly, for example – can help you to measure your successes or identify where you may be falling short. If you aren’t achieving your goals by the necessary deadlines, then maybe it’s time to reassess and update your strategy. It’s all a learning curve!


  1. Find an accountability partner

Finding an accountability partner can really help you stay motivated and on track when it comes to reaching your goals. When you can check-in regularly, discuss your progress with one another and plan the next steps towards success, you feel a sense of teamwork and unity towards a common goal. Through monitoring each other’s progress and holding each other to accountability, you’re far more likely to achieve what you set out to do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to throughout your journey – the important thing is you keep moving forward with the right support from those around you.


  1. Keep a positive attitude

It may sound cliché but believing in your ability to achieve your goals really is key in doing so. Consistently visualising and imagining what it will feel like to reach that success only gets you that much closer, keeping you motivated along the way. Sometimes, our goals may change over time as life gets in the way, but don’t be afraid to keep a positive attitude.


If you’re setting your goals for 2023 this January, we hope that these tips help you on your way to achieving them. It’s well worth sitting down and mapping out how you want the next year to look like and how you’re going to make it a reality. Here’s to success in 2023!