The Benefits of Hot-Desking

Posted: 27 September 2022

Hot-desking isn’t just a trend – it allows employees to work when and where they want and has numerous benefits, from flexibility to convenience. Interest in hot-desking has been renewed in recent years for a myriad of reasons, including its ability to improve communication and collaboration in the workplace. Hot-desking can also act as a solution to budgetary pressures and an increasingly flexible workforce, where many employees split their time between the office and home. But what is hot-desking, and how can it benefit your business in today’s world of hybrid working, helping you to stay productive and connected?


What is Hot-Desking?


Hot-desking is a flexible workplace seating system in which desks are used by different employees, on a daily, first-come, first-served basis. Derived from the term ‘hot racking’, the practice of sailors with different shifts sharing the same bunk at different times, hot-desking allows employees to book an available desk that offers the amenities they need, either in person or via an app. Hot-desking works great in working environments where employees are in and out of the office at different times, allowing the floor space to be used as efficiently as possible with the flexibility of no assigned desks.


  1. Flexibility

Hot-desking gives employees the autonomy to choose where they work, based upon where they feel most comfortable and productive. Providing individuals with the freedom to determine their daily work environment allows them to choose certain desks to suit their individual needs on any given day. Naturally, this can lead to increased employee satisfaction through feeling less restricted and more empowered in the workplace.


  1. Encourages collaboration

Through alternating work spaces with hot-desking, productivity and collaboration can significantly increase as a result. With more interactions between various employees across departments or even across different floors, networking and teamwork is encouraged, contributing to a better overall company culture.


  1. Cost-Efficient

Permanent desks are more expensive due to taking up more space in the office, so, when employees are working from home even just one day a week, space and money can be wasted. By optimising a workspace and sharing resources between employees, office costs can be reduced. Hot-desking allows better use to be made of your existing office space, meaning you are able to cut costs and downsize your office if necessary.


  1. Encourages Individual Cleanliness

When employees don’t have a permanent desk, they have to keep their workspaces tidy in order for them to be clean enough for the next person to use. In turn, this encourages consideration for other employees and contributes to a collaborative working environment, as well as increasing overall office productivity.


Hot-desking provides numerous advantages for both employers and team members alike. However, they may vary depending on your individual organisation and your employees’ personal preferences. If you think hot-desking will benefit your business, consider looking for a desk booking software as a first step, such as Eden, Smartway2 and Deskbird.