The benefits of walking to work

Posted: 4 May 2023

There’s no better time to start challenging yourself to walk to work than National Walking Month. We all have those lazy days where the thought of exercise feels impossible but if we just push ourselves that extra mile (literally!) There are a wealth of benefits to enjoy. If you’re walking to work to join us here at Smithfield, we are ideally located to be accessible on foot – close by to many city-centre amenities!




The most obvious benefit is the impact walking to work has on our bodies. Walking is not to be underestimated – it’s a great form of cardio that can reap the same rewards as running on the treadmill, minus the effort of sweating it out in the gym!


Walking is a great way to build up our energy levels, so we are prepared for whatever the working day has to bring! Sitting in an office chair all day does no good for our physical health, so getting your body moving at the beginning of the day ensures we get our daily dose of endorphins.




As well as benefiting our physical health, exercise can have an incredible impact on our mental wellbeing which is just as important. As mentioned before, exercise releases endorphins which can positively charge our mood so you can arrive at work ready to take on the world!


We all know how stressful working life can be so we should take every opportunity to lower those cortisol levels. When everything gets a bit chaotic, walking to work is the perfect time to centre yourself and just spend some time alone with your mind.


If you want to take a second to escape from the pressures of life, during your walk you could listen to a funny or inspiring podcast, or play your favourite music; we often overlook these small pleasures but together these are what make a happy and healthy mind.


In the digital world we live in, so much time is spent on our computers and phones that we forget to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Lucky for us, Stoke boasts a plethora of stunning sites that enhance the walk to work! There are so many parks, my personal favourite being Longton Park with its pretty lakes, and the walk through Trentham Gardens is honestly breathtaking.


Bank Balance


Let’s not forget about the financial value of walking to work! Those bus tickets and filling up your car with petrol all add up, especially with fuel prices these days.


We can save so much money walking to work, even if it’s just a couple days of the week. Motivate yourself to walk by thinking about all the fabulous things you could get with the money you’ve saved!




Finally, walking to work is a great way to do your part in helping the environment. It was reported that transport is responsible for 26% of greenhouse pollution and so even one person walking instead of driving can decrease gas emissions by a huge amount.


We can help to protect nature and the wildlife in all those beautiful parks by walking to work. The improvement of air quality that comes with reduced driving and public transport will only make the walks all the more enjoyable!


So, there you have it! With all these benefits it’s difficult to see why so many of us don’t walk to work already.